Your Undiscovered Superpowers!
October 21, 2020

Did you know that you have the power to give money to charity while grocery shopping, without spending any extra time or money?

LeafTech invites you to take a moment and change children’s lives by supporting the building of community and developing leadership skills through their extracurricular activities.

LeafTech COO Nate Becker is passionate about the next generation and hopes you’ll use your newly discovered superpower to assist the Chaparral Wrestling Club in Parker (Registered Non-Profit), where he coaches over 175 local kids (Pre-K through High School.) Please find out more information on this program at their website:

Here’s how you can help support the team with your King Soopers Rewards Program:

  1. As a member of the King Soopers Community Rewards Program, Chaparral Wrestling Club will receive a 5% rebate from King Soopers for all qualified purchases made by loyalty members who have registered their cards and linked them to Chaparral Wrestling Club.
  2. Go to
  3. Once logged into your King Soopers or City Market account online or through the APP on your phone, click on “My Account.” Then click on “Community Rewards” on the left-hand side of the screen. In the search box under “Find an Organization” type if AU276 or Chaparral Wrestling Club. Our club will appear, and you simply need to click on the blue “Enroll” button.
  4. Once enrolled, Chaparral Wrestling Club will receive a quarterly rebate payment from King Soopers based on the amount of money you spend at King Soopers and City Market stores.

If you shop on Amazon and want to help even further, we have a way for you to help just as easily! Amazon Smile is a fantastic program that allows you to give back and benefit others, at no cost, just for conducting your regular shopping.

  1. Similar to King Soopers, Chaparral Wrestling Club partnered with Amazon. The Amazon Smile program donates 0.5% of all eligible sales back to the club. The only catch is that all purchases have to be made by visiting If you access Amazon from your app or directly through, the club will not receive any money from Amazon.
  2. The Amazon smile app and the shopping experience is exactly the same as your standard app or webpage, so downloading the app or making the Amazon Smile webpage a favorite is the easiest way to ensure your purchases help support Chaparral Wrestling Club.
  3. Signing up is easy, click here and sign in to Amazon using your username and password. Just shop like normal, and we will receive 0.5% back from Amazon on all purchases. Again, every dollar helps, and every dollar they make through programs like Amazon Smile and the King Soopers Community Rewards Program is one less dollar that they need to fundraise or solicit in sponsorships.

The Chaparral Wrestling Club also accepts Charitable donations and Corporate Sponsorships. If you’re a heroic level supporter and want to do more, thank you! You can find more information at these links: Charitable DonationsCorporate Sponsorships.

LeafTech is proud to have compassionate people on our team and as our clients and friends. We are proud to work with people who strive to make the world a better place. Thank you for any way you help others, and remember your superpowers!

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