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Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

Compliance plays a vital role in serving customers and protecting organizations from legal and financial trouble.

As regulations vary between industries, Compliance plays a vital role in serving customers and protecting organizations from legal and financial trouble. Many organizations strive to follow all industry regulations, requirements, and best practices. The exponential rate of technological development can outpace many organizations, making it difficult for the most diligent teams to manage current and evolving trends and threats to cybersecurity. LeafTech’s Compliance as a Service (CaaS) Program is designed to address several regulatory requirements. This customizable program allows organizations to outsource their regulatory activities with a professional Managed IT Service Provider, lower costs, save time, and provide peace of mind.

Organizations today need to comply with regulatory requirements to protect critical data. The penalties and repercussions associated with not meeting compliance requirements are significant and could put your business at risk for fines, lawsuits, loss of clients, and loss of revenue. Furthermore, organizations have to exhaust internal resources to gain compliance expertise and then manage regulatory requirements on a consistent basis. Implementing these requirements can be challenging for most organizations. LeafTech can help with its Compliance as a Service (CaaS) Program to ensure your organization is secure and aligned with your clients’ and customers’ needs.

Customer Reviews

Providing friendly and ethical cyber security services since 2007.

Nicholle Bogard
Nicholle Bogard
February 12, 2024
The entire team is amazing!!!! A few that stand out off the top of my head: Jasper, Lee, & Mike. They have all been invaluable in getting my work set up with new printers and phones! Again, the entire team rocks!!! They are fast to respond, they know what they are doing, they genuinely care about their customers and the needs of their customers. Overall very happy with them.
Elizabeth LaForte
Elizabeth LaForte
November 28, 2023
There are not enough stars in the galaxy for Chris and his team at LeafTech. I have been honored to partner with LeafTech in many capacities over the last 7(+?) years. The care, kindness, respect and knowledge of the team is stellar. From hardware to networking, project management, and beyond! I have had direct interactions with just about everyone on the team at this point. Never a single complaint-- from both myself and my clients! Evan, Scott, Lee, Reed, Nick, Shannon, Luke, Kay, Mike, Alia, Jacob, Nate.. the list goes on!! Every tech is eager and willing to assist in both virtual troubleshooting as well as onsite assistance. I guess Chris is pretty great too. :) Thank you ALL for your continued efforts to assist with my endless projects. For anyone contemplating bringing LT on-board to assist in any of your IT needs.. let this glowing review be the push you need! You will not regret the partnership.
Todd Dunbar
Todd Dunbar
June 6, 2023
In a very strange state of events the system at my work went down hard. This was in no fault of LeafTech but of an outside vendor. Lee worked endlessly to get myself and my team back up and running to full capacity. Thank you Lee for your tenacity and care of your client. -Todd Dunbar
January 25, 2022
After interviewing a few different IT companies to provide ongoing support for out 40+ employee company, we are very glad we chose LeafTech. Chris and his entire team have been terrific to work with. One of our primary goals was to upgrade our Server....and while this was a very daunting project for us....this project was accomplished on time and on budget with no zero downtime for our company. They accommodated our schedules and were willing to get most of the work done on weekends and evenings. I would highly recommend Leaftech and their staff of professionals. Rob Schmitt, Owner, Rocky Mountain Bottled Water Co.
Dennis Marshall
Dennis Marshall
December 10, 2021
Just onboarded LeafTech 1-day ago and they are already saving us from an outage caused by a Comcast internet upgrade. Highly recommend!
J. Andrew Baute
J. Andrew Baute
October 19, 2021
I have had the pleasure of working with LeafTech Consulting for many years. I have found the team very responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful. They work with me to understand my situation / challenge and find an appropriate solution which is clearly explained. The team’s guidance on updating software, enhancing security, setting up a remote desktop, and integrating multiple email accounts has been truly helpful. Knowing that I can easily reach a team member, schedule service, and have them remote into my laptop for any adjustments provides great peace of mind. Many thanks to the entire team. I would highly recommend LeafTech Consulting to anyone looking to engage an IT solutions provider.
Ryan Sobel
Ryan Sobel
April 27, 2021
LeafTech has been absolutely amazing in helping me start my first business! They helped set me up with virus protection, secure email, and have been extremely responsive every time I've needed assistance. I couldn't speak more highly of them and strongly recommend their services!
Tavis Hill
Tavis Hill
April 6, 2021
We have been using Leaftech for several years now to handle our phone systems. Recently they upgraded our system which went very smoothly except our printer's scanner function stopped working (which really didn't have anything to do with the upgrade). This being one of the most used functions of the office I started to panic, but called in and Nayt helped me get things back up running. His calm and friendly attitude kept things easygoing even when we had to call with the printer company and they hit me with a bunch of technical jargon that was out of my league. I would've been lost without them, 5/5 stars!
Samuel Clarke
Samuel Clarke
March 2, 2021
I worked directly with Chris while selecting and implementing a phone system. Chris was extremely thorough and let me know all of my options. Well worth the money. I would recommend working with Chris or anyone at LeafTech. Thank you for saving use several thousands of dollars!

Benefits of Compliance as as Service

LeafTech’s Compliance as a Service Program is tailored to meet several regulatory requirements. The program provides companies with specialized vulnerability assessments and contingency planning, training and certification, and audit and evaluation. LeafTech focuses on regulatory requirements and keeping you compliant, so your business can continue delivering exceptional products and services.

Develop Compliance Solutions – Create a Technology Compliance IT Roadmap to identify all needed regulatory requirements, provide recommended solutions, and develop a secure and productive IT environment.

Continued Compliance Management – Ensure critical data is protected and industry standards are consistently adhered to through monitoring, auditing, and reporting specific compliance policies required by the industry. Identify gaps in compliance, investigate the cause, and provide ongoing recommendations for improvement.

LeafTech supports the following regulatory bodies:

  • NIST
  • CMMC
  • FRCP
  • SOX
  • SEC
  • ISO 27001


State of Colorado
pci DSS Comliant
Fisma Compliance
Department of Defense
CyberSecurity & Infrastructure

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