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Our Customers Love Us

We pride ourselves not only on our technical abilities, but also for our amazing ability to deliver a superior customer service experience. We might be “techies,” but we like people and treat our customers with a smile, professionally, and with care. We look forward to adding your review below!

I just wanted to let you all know that we really appreciate how responsive and attentive you all have been for us over these first few days as everyone gets used to some of the new software and processes. No transition is without its unknowns and you all have been fantastic (and patient 😊) with everyone here. Rock stars!

Jason Buerger

Director of Operations / Partner
I2 Construction

Just wanted to give you some feedback. Your team is crushing it. Scott Keller was onsite the other week and we really enjoyed working with him. LeafTech in general is easy to work with and solves our problems quickly. Everyone is very friendly to sweeten the deal. Glad we met and excited for working with you more. Thanks!

Ryan Howard

Director of Operations
Visser Precision

LeafTech Consulting came in and took over for our long time, incompetent IT manager. and pulled us out of the dark ages.  Their support team is very responsive and Reid, Jay, Rick, et al have been very knowledgeable about our infrastructure and building the best systems that meets our needs.  I have to say Reid is a Google God and has helped me immeasurably when even a Google tech couldn’t. We are very happy with their IT services and proud they are a part of our team supporting us.

Jillian Piper

Our business is dependent on internet for our day to day operations and we had shut down! I reached out to LeafTech on the long shot that they’d be able to help and they were able jump in and get us back up and running immediately with hardly a lapse in productivity. The professionalism and communication skills displayed were perfect and made us feel very at ease.  They’ve gained a client for life. We look forward to confidently letting people know that they are the team to trust. Thank you!

Rob Mathes

My experience with Leaftech started as a professional relationship and quickly turned into both professional and personal friendship.  Chris and Rick are both great to work with and are truly passionate about their customers’ needs and providing a unique approach to serving those needs.  Their passion extends down to their hardworking staff and continues through vendor relationships. LeafTech is the ideal IT company to partner with.

Jason Miller

LeafTech has been our business partner for well over a decade and I couldn’t ask for a more responsive or flexible IT consultant.  Friendly and competent, with a wide breadth of systems knowledge across a diverse team, there were no projects or ongoing systems maintenance tasks out of reach for LeafTech whenever we asked.

Alek Orloff

Three days ago our local ISP downloaded a maintenance update that broke our office’s internet connection.  Although it was their action that caused the problem they refused to send a tech to the office saying it must be our equipment that was broken.  Leaf Tech IT not only was the first to alert us that we were down, but they worked tirelessly to get us up and running. They stayed in constant contact with us and the local ISP in order to provide detailed information that showed the problem was indeed with the ISP’s equipment.  Without Leaf Tech IT’s knowledge, experience and professionalism our office would still be waiting at the mercy of our local ISP and most definitely still not have an internet connection.

Kendra McKuin