Disaster Recovery and Emergency Response

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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Get reliable, near-instant recovery for all your data and a solution that supports your enterprise applications.

The continued growth of cyberattacks not only puts your crucial data and business assets at risk but also raises the stakes for disaster recovery. Simply backing up your data is no longer enough to protect your investment. You need a Cloud Business Continuity Program in place that provides full recoverability that is fast and reliable. LeafTech’s disaster recovery service provides the resources to ensure that all your critical business data is protected at all times. We work with you to understand the specifics of your infrastructure and technology environment to create a disaster recovery plan optimized for your unique business, security, and compliance challenges.

DRaaS Planning Consulting

LeafTech’s DRaaS will help you protect your crucial business data while maintaining productivity and limiting disruption, financial and critical data losses during an unforeseen outage or cyber-attack. LeafTech’s DRaaS Planning steps include:


  • Assessment: Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of all business operations and system applications, their areas of vulnerability and potential threats, and identify and mitigate potential risk.
  • Design: Develop business continuity and data disaster recovery plan optimized for your organization.
  • Implementation: Implement the plan and consistently monitor and update your systems as your business needs change.
  • Testing: Deploy ongoing testing and validation practices to ensure your organization is consistently secure, reliable, and efficient.

Emergency Response

Our LeafTeam will consistently monitor your backup applications and manage backup scheduling, testing, and alerting processes.  The LeafTeam is available 24/7/365 to respond to data disasters and ensure a rapid recovery to limit business disruption. 

DRaaS & Emergency Response Solutions

  • Self-service, assisted, and fully managed DRaaS.
  • Ability to scale rapidly to your business needs.
  • Solutions for all phases of disaster recovery, from infrastructure assessment, testing, implementation, and management.
  • Support that delivers results with industry-leading response times.
  • Multi-location redundancy can be implemented between on-premises, cloud, or a hybrid solution.
  • Reliability that ensures your applications will automatically recover from business disruptions and that business-critical application will experience minimal downtime during a disaster.

Disaster Recovery & Emergency Response Partners

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