Why does an MSP offer Carrier Services?
October 28, 2019

An MSP offers Carrier Services?

At the end of the day, your business’ time and your employees’ time is valuable. Having LeafTech on your team to work with your carriers will help keep your business up, and your team focused on your priorities – not waiting on hold with your carrier due to a service issue.

We partner with a master agency that gives us access to all the same products, services, and discounts that any seller from a big carrier can offer. The next time Comcast Business tries to sell you on a ‘great deal’ they have for you – run it past LeafTech first! We also have the collective bargaining power of many individual companies to get your issues pushed past the normal Level 1 Technicians, and the expertise to make sure they work to solve your issues.

We are also able to help you choose which carriers available to you are the best fit for your needs. Whether you are not happy with your current solutions, or you are scouting for new office locations, LeafTech can help you assess options and make recommendations. You can have an experienced consultant guide you to making great decisions based on all the information that our Master Agency has access to.

Our founder, Chris McAree CEO, shares one of the reasons we LOVE working with our master agency, Telarus:

“Simply trying to determine which carriers were available at a given location used to require a ton of work. You’d have to Google different carriers, call into their sales teams, get transferred around a few times, get hung up on a time or two, until you found a competent person to begin a conversation with. Each carrier was completely biased and said they were the best fit for your business or your customers business. We had no advocate, no agnostic point of view. It was a terrible situation to find yourself in and required a lot of research and effort to make a good decision. Making the “best” decision was virtually impossible because you never had all the necessary information at your fingertips. Working with a master agency like Telarus completely changed how we interact with carrier companies – for the better!” – Chris McAree CEO


Testimonial about our Carrier Services:

“Three days ago our local ISP downloaded a maintenance update that broke our office’s internet connection. Although it was their actions that caused the problem they refused to send a tech to the office saying it must be our equipment that was broken. Leaf Tech IT not only was the first to alert us that we were down, but they worked tirelessly to get us up and running. They stayed in constant contact with us and the local ISP in order to provide detailed information that showed the problem was indeed with the ISP’s equipment. Without Leaf Tech IT’s knowledge, experience and professionalism our office would still be waiting at the mercy of our local ISP and most definitely still not have an internet connection.” – Kendra McKuin


As you can see, the Carrier Services that LeafTech can offer are a valuable part of our business relationships, and something we love to use to benefit our clients. Call us today with your Carrier needs and we will be happy to help!

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Written by Alia Davis
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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