LeafTech is always prepared for the weather!
November 26, 2019

Did you know that even though there was serious snow falling all over Colorado, every single individual of the LeafTech team showed up for work!? It seems impossible that a team of people could be so consistent, but here we are – helping every client that calls our Main line, or sends in an email, without making excuses or causing delays for our clients due to the weather.

You might think we all have company issued snow mobiles, or nerves of steel to be able to brave the roads today and get to work. In actuality, our team was simply prepared! LeafTech’s infrastructure makes it easy for the team to take home their laptops, and seamlessly work from home without much effort. 

Being on the cloud for all our communication solutions definitely helps with making remote work easy. As the Executive Assistant at LeafTech, I love the fact that I can log onto my Phone Account and answer our main line from anywhere, including the comfort of my home on a day like today! All my files are accessible on the cloud, and my team is just an instant message or phone call away if I need them. Also – I’m not one of the Genius Consultants that are employed at LeafTech, so believe me when I say I didn’t have to do anything but log into my laptop as I normally do, and connect to my home wifi.

I knew many would be surprised to hear that we are able to serve our clients with the exact same level of quality from home – and I wanted to share that we can help you and your business find those solutions too! Give LeafTech a call to discuss how to make your business prepared to work remotely with the products best suited for your individual situation.


Written by: Alia Davis
Photo by: Seanaci

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