Say Hello to Zachary Kurcbard!
December 10, 2019

Hello, my name is Zachary Kurcbard and I’m LeafTech’s newest Level I Consultant. Some of you may actually recognize me from my field days as a telecommunications technician. For the last ten years I have worked many different angles in the telecommunications world. I started off working on the phones troubleshooting with clients, to eventually being in the field. As much as I loved working in the field, problem solving, and working with clients, I knew that eventually I wanted to go somewhere I could grow. That is when I found LeafTech, and instantly knew this was the place for me.

LeafTech is a lot more fun to work for than a big corporation. Everyone here loves what they do, and are passionate about taking care of our client’s IT needs. Our focus is the human side of IT, and conducting ourselves with empathy and honesty. It’s what makes LeafTech different from big telecommunications companies or other IT Consulting agencies. LeafTech knows that the customer is always the number one priority.

The common ground my past experiences and LeafTech share is the rush of troubleshooting. The “What…Why?” and “Wow we fixed it!” moments are what makes this job so great. It was a great feeling being able to get a customer’s home or business up and running, but the main difference was that the telecommunications world was limited on the things we could fix. Anything past the Demark I was not allowed to touch, and I had to refer to another company. It really bothered me that I couldn’t take care of our clients completely, and I wanted to be an expert on everything. I wanted to grow in the technology field and still work with customers – and joining LeafTech has given me the opportunity to do just that!

I am most excited about being part of an awesome, and growing team. Every day has something new to learn, no matter how long you have been doing this. I have never seen a company have such strong tenacity with a fun morale. I feel like I have found my kind of people. I know here I will be able to establish a career with the best team. Can’t ask for anything more.


Written by: Zachary Kurcbard

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