Refresh Your Business – LeafTech Offers Extraordinary Dell Financing Options
May 15, 2020

Today, your business needs a trusted advisor as you reevaluate IT priorities to drive business continuity in “the new normal.” LeafTech is proud that our team has over 150 years of IT experience and can provide crucial advice to your business during this time. The financing offer we are sharing here comes from our long-term relationship with Dell, where we have been Gold Partners for 3 of years.

Dell Technologies has rolled out the Payment Flexibility Program, which includes 0% interest rates and up to a 180-day payment deferral. They are also making $9B in financing available this year to help fund your critical technology needs. This program demonstrates Dell’s commitment to help you run your business, take care of your people, and access essential technology. Dell Financial Services has been a reliable partner, especially during times of uncertainty.

Dell built the Payment Flexibility Program on the strong foundation of DFS and the industry-leading Dell Technologies’ end-to-end portfolio.

  1. 0% interest rates for all Dell Technologies infrastructure solutions, so you have access to technology with no up-front payment required.
  2. The choice to defer your first payment up to 180 days on laptops, desktops, infrastructure, PCaaS and VDI solutions to help you manage cash flow.
  3. Short term options for remote work and learning with 6 to 12-month terms and rotation options for laptops and desktops.
  4. A one year term added to flexible consumption offerings in the Dell Technologies On Demand program. You can scale usage of Dell Technologies converged, hyper-converged, storage, and data protection solutions, and only pay for what you use. As part of the Dell Technologies on Demand portfolio, Flex on Demand is also available from three- to five-year term options.

Contact LeafTech Consulting today to review your financing options for critical business equipment! Reach our sales team by emailing or calling 720.772.3000.