QuickBooks Desktop Email Issue
March 3, 2020

Over the last few business days, LeafTech clients that use QuickBooks Desktop have been reporting issues with emailing from the application when using Outlook. All of a sudden when you NEED to send a purchase order out to your vendor, the feature is not working and you get an error message! This is just the worst way to find out something is wrong with the program that you come to rely on day in and day out. 

Luckily, LeafTech is here to help! When our clients began experiencing this issue, they knew we should be their first call for assistance. Unlike a large company’s support line (with a crazy phone tree, and outsourced customer service) the LeafTech standard is a live answer from a customer service representative who works in the same place as all our Technical Analysts and Consultants when you reach out to our support line. 

Besides the benefit of getting a real person to speak with as soon as possible about the issue, the LeafTeam is here to back you up and speak the technical language of the IT professional. Time and time again our consultants get called to bat for our clients against the other service providers attached to their business because they refuse to acknowledge the issue is on their side of the fence! We have used our expertise to fightservice carriers and software companies on behalf of our clients, and we don’t quit till the job is done.

Luckily, we are on the same side as the software provider in this case! Intuit has acknowledged that this Quickbooks issue is due to an error after updating, and we were able to join a support ticket for this issue. Of course a public announcement acknowledging the issue and committing to find a solution would be preferred – but we understand that this is a minor subset of their users experiencing this issue.

 If you have been having any issues emailing from QuickBooks Desktop using Outlook – reach out to us by emailing support@leaftechit.com or calling our support line 720-319-8324 x2.


Written by Alia Davis
Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

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