Office Moves with LeafTech
September 30, 2019

Do you know all the ways LeafTech can help you during an office move? Check out the list below and let us know if we can help your office with anything on there for your upcoming move!

Vet potential office locations with an experienced Consultant – Does your future site have the infrastructure you are going to need? We can show you carrier options for the spaces you are looking into moving into if we are involved in the process!

Cabling/Site Prep – Before you move into the new office we have the resources to install needed cabling

Robust wireless site surveys + custom wireless environment design – We are able to survey and assess what wireless networking infrastructure different spaces would require and create custom environments to fit the office.

Certificates of Insurance – Protect your business from being liable for moving accidents with our liability insurance.

Negotiation with Copier Lease Holders or Support Company – We are experienced in negotiating with Copier companies and getting them to move that specialty equipment for you!

Partnerships with office movers – LeafTech has strategic partnerships with furniture moving companies to get your office physically moved safely by a trusted team.

Expert Breakdown and Set up of your IT environment – One of our Consultants will personally breakdown, and then set back up your entire office’s technology.

New connection set up and testing – With a LeafTech Consultant on your side, we will make sure that your new location is up and running, and can work with Carriers to solve issues with service effectively.

Travel – We are experienced with traveling for office moves and acquisitions for our clients. Name a City, one of our consultants may have traveled there for work! From New Jersey,  to Rapid City, we have been to all kinds of places and love meeting clients wherever their move is taking place. 

Transparent Cloud-Based Network Documentation – When a LeafTech Consultant is involved in the set up of your new office, your IT infrastructure will have an expert documenting it, making it easier to receive support.

A Consultant’s presence on your ‘Go Live’ dayHaving a consultant who knows your set up and all the systems in place onsite to assist with any transitions on the first day in your new office is something we feel very strongly about. Let us make sure that you are satisfied with your IT environment, and help you hit the ground running.


LeafTech’s goal is to have our Clients leave their old office on Friday, and walk into a fully functioning new office on Monday. We would love to be able to provide that for your company and help reduce the stress and eliminate the uncertainty of the office move process for you. 

Let’s talk about how we can help you!


Written by Alia Davis
Photo by Kevin Bergen on Unsplash

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