Malware and Your Mac
October 7, 2019

Hello all! Scott again here with more blog action for you!

Today I want to talk about malware that is potentially on your mac. Malware has become a HUGE problem over the last few years. It affects your computer in various ways. Malware slows down the performance of your machine. It changes your homepages in your different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari.) Malware even changes your search engines across different browsers.

It started when video streaming became mainstream. Since more and more people are starting to give up cable and switch to internet streaming, there have been various options on how to stream. Some of these streaming services are legitimate (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube.) Many streaming services are not. Most of the services that are not legitimate are free streaming sites. If you are trying to watch a TV show or movie that’s still in theaters, or recently released on DVD, it is probably not a legitimate website.

These sites normally have you download Adobe Flash Players to view the content. That is where they hide the attack! Once you download that tool to view your content, they start to inject malware throughout your computer. Malware that I have seen over the years doesn’t seem to log your passwords or account information or anything along those lines. It does affect you in other ways like I mentioned in the first paragraph. Malware gives you the perception that you are on a certain website, but that website is fake and injecting malware throughout your machine.

Overall, malware is not as major as a virus. There was only one case, in the hundreds of cases of malware that I’ve seen, where I had to delete everything off the computer and manually migrate data back. Malware is normally a situation where we isolate the location, and then delete the affected files. Here at LeafTech Consulting, we have the tools to remove Malware. We have multiple options to remove it. If you don’t like one option, we have multiple more for you. Are you ready for us to get rid of your malware and implement a plan to protect you for the future? Let us know!


Written by Scott Keller
Photo by Michael Geiger on Unsplash

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