LeafTech’s Scam and Phishing Guidance for Businesses
April 28, 2020

Beware! Criminals are taking advantage of consumers, employees, and employers during the Coronavirus pandemic crisis. LeafTech clients have received scam voicemails and phishing emails that indicate the caller or author is from a credible government agency.

Adding to this, tax filing season traditionally sees higher activity for phishing attempts as cybercriminals attempt to steal employees W-2s and personal/financial information needed to file fraudulent W-2s.

If you have experienced these email phishing attempts, or have any cybersecurity concerns, LeafTech can help! Read on to learn more, but know that our team can help you solve these problems and keep your business safe.

What You Can Do

Remain alert to potential fraudulent emails, phone calls, or voice mails. We strongly recommend you take the following steps:


  • Always verify the email address in the “from” box to ensure it contains the correct name and domain of the expected sender.
  • Watch out for emails that address you informally as if you know the sender.
  • Be suspicious of emails that express a sense of urgency. These emails are typically sent from a phone, not an HTML email.
  • DO NOT click on any links or respond to suspicious emails.
  • NEVER give out your login, password, or private information.

Phone Calls and Voice Mails

Be suspicious of:

  • Calls from unknown or blocked phone numbers.
  • Calls or voice mails from people you don’t know who claim to be from any government agency.
  • Requests for your personal information, login/password credentials, credit card or banking information or beneficiary designations. No one should solicit your information, you should always call and provide your information to a known number.
  • Automated phone calls asking you to ‘Press 1” to speak to a live operator.

If you are wary of an email or receive a voice message or phone call from someone suspicious, do not give them any information. Do not respond to any phone number, email, or link that the person provides. Instead, give LeafTech a call!

Our support team may be reached at (720) 319-8324 x2 or by emailing support@www.leaftechit.com. LeafTech is standing by to investigate suspicious messages, implement additional email security, and provide employee training.