LeafTech’s Guide On Keeping Your Business Safe When Working Remotely!
April 8, 2020

Quickly evolving travel and social requirements in response to COVID-19 mean that, like it or not, many organizations like yours are asking traditional office-based employees to work from home.

Today’s technology allows that to happen in many cases with relative ease; however, are your employees prepared with the necessary knowledge to keep themselves and your network safe under these circumstances? LeafTech has listed a few key tips below that can keep you and all your employees safe during this unusual time:

  • Two popular methods to mislead users include emails with either corrupt attachments or a call to action (URL with a redirect).
    • Both of which could result in launching an executable file containing some form of malware. The safest step is merely deleting the email and reporting the user to your IT team.
  • Spoofed or altered email messages. The bad guys are looking for that simple oversight, so a slight alteration to a familiar name could release the contagion onto your network with one click. Look for variations of the sending party’s name or their domain.
    • They typically make minor changes, for example, if your domain is xxxx@example.com, it may be listed as xxxx@exarnple.com. Note, the substitution of “r n” for the letter “m.”
  • Verify your home users have secured their WiFi network. This is a simple step, yet often overlooked, particularly by groups that are unaccustomed to working from home.

For more information on phishing or spoofing attempts, please review our 3 part blog series on phishing: A Brief History of Phishing, Common Phishing Emails, and Recognizing Phishing Emails. These articles outline the precautionary steps to keep your business safe, and how to determine if an email sent to you may be fake! LeafTech also is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have by emailing us at support@leaftechit.com or calling in at 720.319.8324 x2. 

Remember, think before you click and use other simple preventative measures to socialize in your organization! Stay safe and know that LeafTech is always here to help and answer any IT questions that you may have! 


Written by Jacob Baughn

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

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