LeafTech’s Covid-19 Remote Workforce Readiness Checklist
March 20, 2020

Is your company ready to work remotely? LeafTech’s entire support staff transitioned to remote work the same day that the decision was made by management, without disruption to our clients. To assist our valued customers, LeafTech developed a checklist outlining the considerations we recommend when deploying a remote workforce.


LeafTech’s Covid-19 Remote Workforce Readiness Checklist

  • Do employees have the necessary hardware to work from home?
      • Computer
      • Monitors
      • Mouse
      • Keyboard
      • Phone or Headset
      • Docking Station 
  • Is remote access to applications enabled? 
  • Is remote collaboration accessible?
      • Do you have a Unified Communications solution?
      • Is video conferencing and screen sharing possible?
      • Is your team able to live edit documents simultaneously?
      • Is there documentation on how to access and operate the applications your employees use to work collaboratively? 
  • Are employee expectations clear? 
  • Have you considered security?
      • Is MultiFactor Authentication enabled?
      • Are network access policies clear and enforced?
      • Are security protocols applied consistently across all remote workers?
      • Is remotely deployed company hardware tracked?
      • Is user access monitored to ensure authentication and system access protocols are followed?

If you need assistance with any item on this checklist, LeafTech is here to help. Call (720) 319-8324 x2 or email support@leaftechit.com to connect with our support team. Our knowledgeable IT consultants assist in developing and deploying these solutions daily. You can trust them to help your business navigate this rapidly changing environment. Together we will remain safe, successful, and prepared to face future challenges.


Written by Chris McAree, LeafTech CEO
Photo by Luke Peters on Unsplash

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