LeafTech Customer Service Department MVP for June – Lucas Reeves
July 10, 2020

LeafTech is proud to announce Lucas Reeves as the Customer Service Department MVP for June!

LeafTech Management considers our four core values when evaluating the Customer Service Department MVP. What set Lucas apart from our other team members this month? Lucas stayed true to LeafTech’s vision, character, provided excellent teamwork, and always upheld LeafTech communication standards.

What are LeafTech’s Core Values, you ask?

  • Vision – Creative problem solving, planning, and looking at the big picture.
  • Communication – Keeping a constant flow of communication. Whether it’s an update in their ticket, working on documentation, or relaying information to a client, communication is a huge part of every day at LeafTech!
  • Teamwork – A great attitude and always willing to help others. Someone who takes on new challenges even if they are unknown.
  • Character – A combination of the other three values but adding a focus on individual responsibilities.

Lucas has maintained a positive attitude during a very hectic month, has been willing to accept new tickets, and able to manage his workload while assisting others on the team. Lucas always remains flexible, whether it is onsite or in the office. He can change direction at any moment while remaining efficient.

LeafTech acknowledges Lucas’s achievements for the month of June.  We have a $100 gift card heading your way.  Keep up the great work, Lucas!

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