Introducing our Newest Level I Consultant, Lucas Reeves
November 4, 2019

Hello, my name is Lucas Reeves, and I am LeafTech Consulting’s newest Level I Consultant. I studied Chemical Engineering at Colorado State University, and after a few years, made a difficult decision and decided that it was not what I wanted to do for a career. After working various jobs in security and roofing, I finally settled on making a living doing IT work. After all, I have always been fascinated with computers, and have always had a passion for problem solving. I laid a career path, researched certifications I wanted to earn, and earned a CompTIA A+ certification, and I decided to look for work in IT while I was still working towards more certifications. 

There were two things that I really wanted out of a career; I wanted a career with plenty of room for growth, and I wanted a career that was diverse – I did not want to perform the same mundane tasks day in and day out. In my job search, I came across a posting from LeafTech Consulting. I began to research LeafTech Consulting as I would any prospective employer and was shocked to see nearly 100 reviews – with not a single review being negative. I was impressed, I had never seen any company with a significant amount of reviews that didn’t have at least one bad review, and maybe even more impressive was the very broad list of services that LeafTech provides. I applied to the posting, and the rest was history. 

The same thing that makes LeafTech so exciting to work for, can also make it rather challenging. On any given day, I almost never work on the same thing I worked on the day before. Every day is something different, and there is always something new to learn. At my previous jobs, it was always awful to have someone come to you looking for assistance, and for you to be completely unable to offer any. Fortunately, here at LeafTech, that has yet to happen, and no challenge is too great. It feels great to be able to dive headfirst into a problem right away. Whenever someone comes to us to ask for assistance, there is always a real sense of urgency. I was on the end-user side of tech support recently, and I had to wait 3 months for a simple problem to be resolved. Here at Leaftech, it doesn’t feel right to go home at the end of the day with a problem not yet resolved. This kind of work can be a lot to handle at times, but it is much easier knowing I have a great team behind me ready to lend a hand. 

The culture at LeafTech is what really makes it a great place to work, and it is one of the first things that caught my eye. Everyone here genuinely enjoys their job, almost to the point they need to be told to take it easy sometimes. Communication is critical in IT and consulting work, and at a smaller company like LeafTech, it is great to get to work with each person and learn about their skills as you work on projects together. It is certainly different how at other jobs when I had asked for assistance, you would be lucky to get someone to help you. If I ask for assistance here, I had better be ready for EVERYBODY to jump in and offer their help. It really does feel like a family, and there is nowhere else I would rather work. 


Written by Lucas Reeves

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