Introducing LeafTech’s CSR, Erin!
May 21, 2020

When I was a kid, I never imagined myself in Denver, CO. I never imagined myself working in IT. The world seemed smaller then and leaving Jacksonville did not seem like a possibility. Back in Florida, I talked with my friends about the “big dreams” we looked forward to, but not much seemed realistic. That was until a new path appeared taking me west to Colorado, and I am suddenly here living a completely different life than I expected.   

I began working in the restaurant industry at age 16. I started as a cashier at a small chain restaurant and eventually trained up to become a manager at one of the new locations. I developed great friendships and learned a lot from my time as a manager. Though I worked hard to build that life in Florida, I left it all behind.  I found myself driving across Alabama to New Mexico to arrive in Colorado in early November of last year. Denver very quickly and unexpectedly became my new home. Getting unpacked and “settled” was a very rushed process.  

The job market is cut-throat here. In many prospective employer’s eyes, I only had a few years’ experience in customer service. It felt like starting from the bottom again until I found LeafTech. Meeting with the team here for the first interview was fantastic, it felt like a fit instantly. I could see right away that LeafTech valued honest communication and exemplary customer service. I got the call back with an invitation to join the LeafTeam after searching for over a month here in Denver, and I couldn’t be happier!  

I began training and working hard to build a solid foundation for understanding this new world of IT. I thought Customer Service in IT involved having more knowledge about how things work technically, not something I was necessarily in tune with. Next thing I knew, I was efficiently answering all incoming calls and emails received by the support team. At the end of the day, my job is about caring for and listening to our clients’ requests. I don’t have to have all the answers to do that, and I am happy my expertise helps support my team. Though IT is still new to me, I am excited to learn new processes every day. Throughout all these changes, the team at LeafTech has been a source of stability for me.   

COVID-19 started showing up, and it felt like everything turned upside down. I had just become self-sufficient at my job, and we had to go through yet another transition. LeafTech did not take this as a setback, though. We all moved to home offices in less than a day, and I feel more supported than ever. These times are stressful, but to embrace these challenges with such a fantastic team has been a ray of light for me. Thank you. LeafTech, for being wonderful. 

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