Help LeafTech Help You
October 12, 2023

Help LeafTech Help You

Our team strives to provide excellent service to our clients every day. To do our best work, we need help from you! These items build the foundation of the partnership we need to create outstanding experiences and results.

How to Report Urgent, Emergency, and After-Hours Issues

  • Call us for all Urgent and Emergency Issues – Tickets are opened and assigned on a first-in, first-out basis. If you have an urgent or emergency issue, please call us at 720-319-8324 so we can get the ticket into the system, gather as many details as possible, and find the next available resource to begin troubleshooting.
  • Call us and follow the Auto Attendant Prompts for After-Hours Support – leave a voicemail if there is no immediate answer. All calls to the After-Hours support line are transferred to the on-call consultant. Please leave a voicemail if they do not answer. Emailed requests are only checked periodically after hours, resulting in a delayed response of up to four hours.
  • If your company has limits on After-Hours, Out-of-Scope, or Emergency Support, please educate your team on what they can contact us about and when! LeafTech employees are trained to help users and respond as quickly as possible. We cannot track individual company policies or how you want your team to interact with LeafTech. Please be responsible for your team’s engagement with our services.

How to Open a Ticket

  • Emergency, Urgent, or After-Hours Requests – call us at 720-319-8324
  • Regular Day-to-Day Support Requests – email
  • Status Updates – Respond to the most recent ticket email notification for the current ticket you are inquiring about – feel free to carbon copy to your follow-up email
  • PLEASE DO NOT – email or call team members directly. Responses will often be delayed due to consultants frequently being onsite, actively working on other tickets, being on calls with users, and spending most of their time working out of the ticketing system, not email.

Information Needed to Open a Ticket

  • Please provide a detailed description of the issue:
    • Describe the issue in detail and attach screenshots of any errors you receive.
    • When did the issue start happening?
    • Has this issue ever happened before?
    • Is anyone else at your company experiencing the same or a similar issue?
    • When are you available for us to contact you and/or troubleshoot the issue?
  • What impact is this issue having on your productivity/functionality?

Two Way Communication

If you have not heard from us, reach out and ask for an update – please do not wait until you miss a deadline or are frustrated! Our team receives numerous requests for support daily, and it can be a juggling act to complete the actual work and provide timely updates to users. Communication is a two-way street, and if you have a deadline, are unable to work, or want an update, please reach out.

Minimum Notice for New Hires, New Users, and New Hardware Setups

  • Three (3) business days’ notice is required for new hires with no equipment needed. This includes “email only” users.
  • Five (5) business days’ notice is required for new hires where LeafTech has client equipment in stock.
  • Ten (10) business days’ notice is required for new hires where equipment needs to be ordered and/or shipped to clients. Hardware availability is dependent on the manufacturer. – 720-319-8324 –