Hello, I’m Scott!
September 23, 2019

Hello, I’m Scott. Nice to meet you. If you are reading this, you are reading the words of LeafTech Consulting’s newest Level II Consultant, Scott Keller. I was with Apple for 8 years, and in that time I learned as many ins and outs of Apple as possible. I wanted to be THE guy with the answers, the person everyone came to with a stumper. I achieved that at Apple, but wanted to expand my horizons. When I found LeafTech, it seemed like the perfect company for me.

I started working on Windows around the age of 13 and was always fascinated by computers in general. Not just what tasks they performed, but how they completed those tasks. I love knowing how things work. If I don’t know, I like to figure it out as soon as I can. I love that I found LeafTech. LeafTech gives me the opportunity to learn everything about Networking/Windows that I always wanted to learn, but couldn’t touch outside of Apple products

LeafTech is different than working for a big corporation. There’s a lot of personality and communication that comes with this company. Everyone seems to love what they do here and are excited to help fellow humans in their IT needs. Communication is what differentiates LeafTech from other IT companies and other companies I’ve worked for in the past. Over-communication plays a huge role in IT and everyone benefits from it.

There are some similarities between LeafTech and Apple. It’s mainly on the tech side. The troubleshooting for Mac is around the same for Windows. Asking questions, isolating the problem area, thinking of a solution, implementing the solution, testing, implement a solution for the future, if possible, and documentation. I love learning more of the Windows side of the house now that I have all this Apple knowledge. Really makes my journey smooth sailing. 

The main difference between LeafTech and Apple, is I can go farther with LeafTech. The problems that we get from clients here, are issues that I could not touch at Apple. If Apple didn’t make the product, I couldn’t touch it. Now I can thoroughly think about any issue and attempt to troubleshoot it. Plus, I can fully see the solution through. It is so much better than saying “You will have to contact Microsoft for that!” It was not a fun feeling. Now I get to troubleshoot and be the hero with the solution. I’m the start and end point. Exactly how I like it. Plus I have an outstanding team backing me for support. Couldn’t work for a better company.


Written by Scott Keller

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