Critical Issue with Apple’s Catalina Update
December 18, 2019

We have CRITICAL information about the latest Apple Operating System, Catalina. This is a very important blog to read if you are an Apple Computer user. This information applies only to desktops and laptops – don’t worry about your iPhones and iPads!

Apple released Mac OS X Catalina in October. Since the release, Apple users have reported that 32-bit applications have stopped working as intending after upgrading to Catalina. There is no known fix at this time.

We are waiting for an update on the issue from Apple or from the developers that made the third party applications. Unfortunately, history has shown that Apple and the other developers will not speak on these kinds of issues until they have a solution in place. Until Apple officially acknowledges the issue, we do not have any timeline or information on progress towards a solution.

LeafTech strongly urges our Mac users to NOT update to Mac OS X Catalina until further notice.

Below this update is a step by step walkthrough to discover if any of the applications you use are 32-bit.

If you are running any 32-bit applications on your Mac OS X computer. Call LeafTech @ 720.319.8324 x2 for further assistance with this (or any other) Mac OS X Catalina questions!


How to Check Which Applications are 32-bit on an Apple Computer

Step 1: Click the Apple Icon on the top left of your screen and click “About This Mac”


Step 2: Click System Report


Step 3: Click Applications in the left-hand column

Step 4: Check the right-most column. If you see a no in that column, that application will not work when you update.


Step 5: Note any 32-bit applications and contact LeafTech (720.319.8324 x2 or for assistance



Written by Scott Keller
Photo by Max Chen on Unsplash