Chris McAree, LeafTech CEO, Endorses BitTitan
April 26, 2021

The Value of Service Automation with BitTitan

Recently, Chris McAree, LeafTech CEO, and Jacob Baughn, LeafTech Director of Technical Services, interviewed with one of our fantastic software vendors, BitTitan. Our team uses BitTitan to provide cutting-edge data migrations on multiple platforms, without any end-user downtime. We love finding and working with products that give our clients value, and the next time LeafTech is needed to help migrate data for your company or your team, we are confident that we will usher you through any migration smoothly because of BitTitan.

Grow Your Services Team Without Adding Staff or Overhead

“BitTitan has helped us eliminate the human error of doing these email migrations. Nobody wants any downtime or missed data, so at the end of the day LeafTech is limited in its resources, but BitTitan is like having another employee on staff, and it’s working while we are doing something else.”
-Chris McAree, CEO of LeafTech

Complete Deployments 10X Faster

A 50-hour manual migration cut to just 5 hours with BitTitan, allowing your business to scale.

Decrease Labor Cost

Junior-level engineers can now complete senior-level projects.

Increase Cloud Sales

Spend less time per project, increasing profitability by over 50%

Additional BitTitan Benefits

  • Expand Service Offerings
    Migrate more than just Mailboxes, tackle Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Outlook Configuration Projects.
  • Enable Digital Collaboration
    Help your customers #WFH, vis 100% SaaS-powered migrations to the could.
  • Add Value to Customer Relationships
    No installation, no user downtime, 100% secure and compliant.

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