Be technologically prepared for COVID-19
March 12, 2020

To all our valued customers:

LeafTech understands the increasing concern about Coronavirus. Many businesses, our customers included, are exploring remote work options to mitigate the risk. We are here to answer any questions or concerns regarding the virus’s impact on your business and its technology. We urge our clients that are preparing to send their employees home to work to let us know as soon as possible. LeafTech will make the necessary resources available to ensure the transition to remote work goes smoothly for you and your employees.

We ask you to consider a few points in developing your remote work strategy:

  • Do your employees have a VPN to secure their connections to your network?
  • Do your employees have laptops for use in their home office?
    • If so, do they need any supplemental hardware to be effective, such as mice, keyboards, monitors, or docking stations?
  • If your employees use desktops, do they need a remote access tool such as LogMeIn to access their work files?

If you need LeafTech to help procure any hardware for home offices such as monitors, keyboards, mice, docking stations, etc. please get those requests to us as soon as possible.  LeafTech asks that those requests are sent to You may also call us at 720.319.8324 x2.

If an employee has never used VPN or LogMeIn to remotely access business resources, please reach out to us so we may work through that process. We anticipate a higher than normal volume of calls and emails regarding remote network access over the next couple of weeks! We urge you to get your requests submitted quickly to beat this rush.

Please let us know if your business is taking the steps to have your employees either work from home or if you plan on initiating your business’ continuity plan. LeafTech is here to help make this transition as smooth as possible for you. 

We hope all of our clients stay safe, sound, and know LeafTech is here to ensure your business remains technologically operational.


Chris McAree
CEO, LeafTech Consulting


Photo by visuals on Unsplash

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