90 Days of Free Network Security!
May 7, 2020

LeafTech knows that businesses are facing unique challenges as we all deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, including addressing unprecedented cybersecurity demands and threats just to keep their businesses running. These challenges are evident by the fact that cyber-attacks nationwide are up 37% since February.

IGI is supporting us by giving three months free of the Nodeware vulnerability monitoring tool —15 months for the cost of a single annual license.

Nodeware is a critical security tool that works around the clock to:

  • Provide visibility of all devices on your network, including IoT
  • Identify, score, and prioritize your network vulnerabilities
  • Expose critical security gaps so they can be fixed
  • Improve network health to decrease the risk of attack

Contact LeafTech today, and let’s get you, your team, and your business secure. Our support team may be reached at (720) 319-8324 x2 or by emailing support@leaftechit.com.

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